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Top 6 Qualities Riders Look for When Choosing an Indoor Cycling or Spin Studio

When someone is searching for the best spin studio for their workout, they’ll be drawn to places that offer features they like. If you’re looking for a studio that offers indoor cycling, consider these top six characteristics to make the right choice.

1. Motivating Instructors

You want an instructor that motivates you to work harder and do more. They should be personable and remember who you are from one class to the next. They should encourage you and yell sweet nothings when you’re dying. You want to know the instructor cares.

2. Exceptional Customer Service

This is an element crucial to all businesses, even spin studios. From the moment you walk in, you should be greeted. Every client should be welcomed every time they come in. It doesn’t matter whether it’s their first time or the fiftieth, each interaction is important and the front desk staff is a critical part of whether the person returns.

3. Feeling of Community

You feel like a part of a group, which is why you select a particular spin studio over another one. These people would normally be strangers, but they have become your friends. You feel at home, and even like a rock star. You look forward to coming here.

4. Good Spin Studio Aesthetics

The design of the studio is well-thought out for the client. Details are important with items such as a free fruit basket after class or the towel waiting for you on the bike. The studio is beautiful, a place where you want to spend time. From the polished concrete floors to the custom made retail rack in the lobby, you love it here. You know it’s a special place when you Instagram a photo of the bathroom with its subway tiles, modern sink and inspirational quote.

5. Clean Quality Equipment

The owners take care of the equipment. You appreciate working out on a bike that doesn’t shake, rattle and smell. The ride is smooth and the bike always works. The equipment is always well-maintained and the studio is cleaned so that it doesn’t smell like sweat.

6. The Right Price

If you are going to pay a hefty price, then steps 1-5 should be about perfect. With so many options for spin studios in existence today, a studio has to be competitive and stand out. They must have top of the line bikes and numerous amenities to make your trip pleasant and effective.

Check out any studio and see how many of these they get right. Don’t settle for a place that leaves you wanting more or doesn’t meet your needs. Look for a spin studio that offers all six of these qualities for a workout you enjoy and a place you look forward to visiting every single time.

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