Our Method

Freedom Ride provides the perfect blend of RHYTHM and PERFORMANCE based indoor cycling. In today’s indoor cycling world it is rare to find a studio that offers both. We decided that instead of settling for one we’d bring you the best of both worlds.

For those that are pushed and motivated by the beat of the music and the rhythm of the ride, then our classic Freedom Ride is for you. In this ride we focus on the pack and leave all competition behind as we pedal collectively towards the beat of the music creating a beautifully unified assembly that moves and grooves for tons of fun.

At the other end of the spectrum we have our “Freedom Performance” ride. Here we embrace our metrics, and hold each other accountable for our results. Nobody hides in this class since all metrics are projected in real-time onto the Freedom Boards (Flat Screen TV’s) in the front of the class. These numbers includes your Power (cadence + resistance), RPM’s, distance and total calories burned. This of course allows for a little friendly competition between yourself and your neighbors.

Both styles are invigorating, challenging and will transform your entire body with every ride. Specific upper body movements with weighted sandbags are incorporated into sections of each ride for both class styles. These movements have been choreographed by our master instructors and guarantee to complete your total body workout experience. All of our classes are challenging, addictive and fun. If you’ve never taken an indoor cycling class like this before, please make sure to let us know so that we can take care of you.

Regardless of which class you choose, you’ll be able to see what you’ve accomplished with each and every ride since our Spivi Software system tracks all of your data and emails it to you immediately after each class.


Custom Tailored Spin Program

Whether you take our classic Freedom Ride or our Freedom Performance Ride you’ll be taken on a thoughtfully crafted and choreographed journey that will leave you feeling free and alive. Our master instructors tailer each ride so that you become one with the pulse of the music in a beat-based class or one with your competitive spirit in our metric, performance-driven program. Both transform your entire body with every class and assure you an amazing total body workout experience.

Choreographed Upper Body Sections

Specific upper body movements with weighted sandbags are incorporated into sections of each ride that have been choreographed by our master instructors. This element enhances each ride and provides an additional calorie burn for every rider.

Real-Time Performance Metrics

We’ve partnered with Spivi software to give you the best blend of science and entertainment on your bike during our Freedom Performance classes. Two flat screen TV’s project your real-time power (pedal speed + resistance), heart rate, cadence as well as your total calories burned. Additionally, instructors can choose from a variety of virtual rides that will give you yet another experience to remember.

Ride for Contribution

When you’re part of the Freedom Ride Community, you’re also part of a much larger contribution beyond yourself. Every quarter we’ll partner with a unique charity that we’ll ride for and contribute to with your help. A minimum of one class per week will be a “Pay It Forward Ride”. These classes are donation based with with a minimum donation of $10 required.

Freedom Ride