Performance data

In order for us to REACH, BURN and LIBERATE, we needed a motivator along with a data tracking system.

For both items we partnered with Spivi Software.

Spivi motivates by:

  • Offering visual training modes that display an avatar with your bike number on top so you can actually see yourself amongst your fellow riders as we climb a hill in France or take on a sprint in Italy
  • Offering a cycle class unlike an other in terms of fun, excitement and creative visualization
  • Providing real-time performance information of personal results
  • Generating an exercise summary report showing total effort, past workout results and class statistic comparisons

Spivi tracks and displays certain data wirelessly from the bike and from your heart rate monitor.

The following data below is some of what we’ll display on our Freedom Boards (60 inch flat screen tv) during any given class:

  • RPM’s (revolutions per minute) = pedal speed
  • Power (watts) = pedal speed + resistance
  • Energy = power (watts) x time (seconds)
  • Energy zones = heart rate levels
  • Total Energy of entire class

Heart rate monitors are so important to you, the health of your heart and to the impact of your fitness program that we’ve decided to build them into our entire cycling program. Before each class begins we’ll hand one out to each of you free of charge. Feel free to bring your own, but if not we’ll always have one clean and sanitized for you.

We believe in heart rate tracking during each and every class so that over time you’ll be able to see your cardiovascular system grow in strength and endurance. Without them we’re blind and so are you as to what’s really going on in your body.

As for your data, it’s up to you to have it displayed or not, but very few opt out since this is what pushes us as group to succeed. However, if you’re dead set on removing yourself from the boards just check the box that says that you want to hide your details from the studio Freedom Boards upon creating your account.  But we must warn you that even our most private riders have found the Freedom Boards to be incredibly motivating – you can opt in or out at any time through your account. At least give it a try before you decide to remove yourself. You will be amazed at the rapid improvement you can make seeing yourself up on the boards. Watch yourself get fitter, faster, and stronger with everyone around you doing the same.

Whether or not you opt into the Freedom Boards or not, your personal performance of every ride is emailed to you at the end of every class and also stored in your Freedom Ride account. This allows for you to track your performance, see improvements and beat your personal best.

Freedom Ride