freedom ride

This is our classic, beat-based 45 minute ride that will leave you dripping and smiling. With motivational teaching, bumpin’ music, and a total body workout, you will revamp your body, your mind and leave our studio feeling free and alive. And don’t forget to check your e-mail after class since your performance metrics get sent to you at the end of every ride!

freedom performance ride

Freedom Performance Ride is a fun and challenging ride against yourself and your neighbors. Throughout the duration of this ride your real-time performance metrics will be displayed on our Freedom Boards (flat screen tv’s) for you and for everyone else to track, visualize and compete if you so desire. Be ready to torch those calories!

pay it forward ride

This amazing class is a collective effort pedaling towards one common goal. To help raise awareness and funds for the charity of the current quarter. The style of this class can be either the classic Freedom Ride our our Freedom Performance Ride depending on who’s teaching. Either way it’s for the greater good so join us and ride on!
Freedom Ride