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Q : What is your waitlist policy?

Ugh! The class you wanted to book is full so now you have to get in the waitlist line. I know, sounds tough, but no worries here since we have a great process to get you in if people can’t make it!It’s quite simple actually. As people can’t attend a class bikes will open up. People like you who’ve added themselves to the waitlist will get on a bike according to where they are in the waitlist line. It’s that easy. But, in order to do so you have to buy a class. With your purchased class you can add yourself to a waitlist. If you don’t happen to get in we’ll return the series to your account so that you may be able to use it at a future date. The class is not refunded.

1.) For bikes that open up before the cancelation window ends (7 hours) you will automatically be enrolled in that class you are waitlisted for. And since we know the love connection we have with you we are going to assume that you want to take EVERY class you are waitlisted for! What this means is that if you don’t want to attend the class you are waitlisted for then you must remove yourself from the waitlist (online or by calling the studios) seven hours prior to the beginning of the class, or you risk getting added to the class after it is too late to cancel. This is our normal cancelation policy that now applies to this scenario.

2.) For bikes that open up after the cancellation window has ended we will not automatically enroll you and instead we’ll call you and text you to ask you directly if you want the class or not. If we don’t hear back from you in 10 minutes we’ll move on to the next member on our list.

3.) And don’t forget that if you put yourself on the waitlist for our 5:30pm class for example, but also booked a bike in our 6:30pm class as backup in case you don’t get into the 5:30pm, you will need to unreserve one of the bikes before the seven hour cancelation window to avoid being charged for both classes instead of just one.

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