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Q : What is your cancellation policy?

This policy applies to both Unlimited Auto-Pay riders & Freedom Package riders.

You must cancel your bike by 8PM the night prior to your scheduled ride if you cannot attend class. Cancellations after 8PM will be considered a “LATE CANCEL” and a fee of  $15 will apply. If you do not call to cancel as well as not show up for your scheduled ride then a $21 “NO SHOW” fee will apply. You will retain the class in your series.

Class Pass riders will only be charged a cancellation fee that is within terms and conditions of Class Pass and not ours. All members (with the exclusion of ClassPass riders) must have an active credit card on file with us at all times to cover these fees. No exceptions will be made. To avoid being charged, please show up on time for the class you booked or cancel your class by 8pm the night prior to your scheduled ride.

You can cancel your reservation in any of the following ways:

1. Logon to your Freedom Ride account and next to the class you wish to cancel click “Unreserve” or “Late Cancel” if you’re outside of the cancelation window.

2. Call the Freedom Ride studio to have us cancel the class for you. Cancellations through Facebook, text message or e-mail will not be considered official and you may get charged. You must cancel yourself before our 8pm cutoff time or by calling us and speaking to a member of the Freedom Ride team or by leaving a voicemail on our answering machine.

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