Santos Guaty

Q : Do you have a place for us to change?

Yes we do! We have one private changing room as

Q : Do I need my own clip in shoes?

You do not need to bring your own clip in

Q : I’ve never used clip in shoes! Will I be ok?

Absolutely! Don’t be scared to clip in if you’ve never

Q : Is Freedom Ride for beginners?

100% YES. Freedom Ride is for you, your mother, your

Q : What Should I bring to class?

Bring your happy self, a can do attitude and wear

Q : How early should i arrive?

If it’s your first time riding with us we recommend

Q : Do you have cubbies or key lockers?

We do have plenty of cubbies for you to store

Q : What is the process at your studio once I get there?

Upon arrival, please check in with the front desk. Our

Q : Do I have to create an account?

Yes, all riders must create an account in order to

Q : Do I need my own water or can I get some at your studio?

You can bring your own water or you may purchase

Freedom Ride