Chris Guaty, the creator of the Freedom Ride Indoor Cycling Method had one plan in mind when he set out to design Freedom Ride: Create the optimal indoor cycling community that pushes you to REACH for your fitness goals, BURN maximum calories, and LIBERATE yourself in the process. The outcome is a total body indoor cycling workout that combines cardio, performance metrics and strength training in a pulsating 45 minute ride!

Growing up a soccer player, track runner, and baseball player Chris always knew the positive impact that sports and fitness have on one’s life. They enrich your mind, your body and connect you with other athletes and fitness enthusiasts who share the same love of competition, teamwork and the excitement of being in the moment. It was after college in 2001 when Chris attended his first indoor cycling class in NYC to maintain his cardio away from team sports. He was hooked from day one and has experienced the evolution of the indoor cycling industry. In the summer of 2013 Chris took this passion to the next level when he decided to leave behind the corporate life to pursue his dream of becoming an entrepreneur.  After a lot of planning and creative collaborations with friends and family, Freedom Ride Indoor Cycling was born.

Here at Freedom Ride we focus on building a results-driven indoor cycling community where nobody is left behind. We are all pushing our limits to understand what is possible for ourselves and our lives.  Nothing is out of reach if we set our mind to it and work together as a community to get there.


Freedom Ride