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5 Reasons Performance Based Spinning is Growing Rapidly

Indoor Cycling studios are popping up everywhere and for good reason. People enjoy the classes and they see results. They continue coming back for more instead of quitting after a few trial weeks like with many other fitness activities. Here are five reasons performance based indoor cycling has become so popular.

1. The Instructors

Today’s indoor cycling studios now have instructors who know how to talk about numbers and data while still making the class fun and exciting. They know how to harness the performance software and communicate the information effectively to the audience. The best instructors understand how to create the perfect blend of numbers and entertainment. If you go too far in one direction, you’ll lose your clients.

2. Data

We live in a world of mega data where technology is advancing every day faster than ever before. This fact is true even with fitness and spin studios. Technology on the spin bikes has come a long way over the past five years. Recently, we’ve even seen a spike in bike manufactures that are creating bikes with power. Power metered bikes try to provide the most accurate measurement of true energy output.

Power output or energy expended = watts accumulated

Watts accumulated over a specific amount of time shows a cyclist what their real strength looks like. Right now, Stages and Star Trac indoor cycling bikes are leading the way with with power metered bikes. The founders of Stages are the same guys who built a power crank that would be added to the bikes of Lance Armstrong and others for training prior to the tour de France. The power measurement lies inside the crank. It was tested out to be extremely accurate and on account they decided to take their technology indoors. Today, their bikes have the most accurate Power measurements available.

3. The Bikes

Bikes have progressed over the years. Almost all manufacturers have gotten into the power console game. They are racing to create a console that measures the most accurate power. Not all bikes are created equal, and many riders won’t choose a studio that doesn’t have their favorite bike brand, especially when it comes to power based training.

4. Performance Metrics Software

Without question the rise in popularity of performance based bikes and classes has created an ecosystem of companies building metrics software to support the demand. With all of these advances you’re now able to attend a performance class and see yourself up on a flat screen TV in real time amongst your peers. Depending on the studio, you’ll be able to race and compete in real-time over the screen as you would outdoors. This new gamification has outdoor cyclists interested in training indoors. This is a new trend because most of them despise doing indoor training when there was nothing good to look forward to in terms of data, measurement and entertainment.

Safety and Time

Roads are dangerous, especially in populated areas. More people are turning indoors to exercise and training as a result. As for time, going on a ride outdoors will take up much more of your time. People are looking for a quick workout that burns 500-1000 calories in 1 hour. Indoor Cycling is the best way to accomplish this hands down.

Look at all these reasons why riders are turning to indoor cycling studios for an effective, safe and fun workout.

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