Michael Putnam Free Guide 2016

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Rhythm Based Indoor Cycling

For those that are pushed and motivated by the beat of the music and the rhythm of the ride, then our classic Freedom Ride is for you. In this ride we focus on the pack and leave all competition behind as we pedal collectively towards the beat of the music creating a beautifully unified assembly that moves and grooves for tons of fun.

Chris Freedom Hill Image

Chris Guaty, the creator of the Freedom Ride Indoor Cycling Method had one plan in mind when he set out to design Freedom Ride: Create the optimal indoor cycling community that pushes you to REACH for your fitness goals, BURN maximum calories, and LIBERATE yourself in the process. The outcome is a total body indoor cycling workout that combines cardio and strength training in a pulsating 45 minute ride!

Here at Freedom Ride we focus on building a results-driven indoor cycling community where nobody is left behind. We are all pushing our limits to understand what is possible for ourselves and our lives.  Nothing is out of reach if we set our mind to it and work together as a community to get there.